Salam, I have 12 years of missed prayers and Alhamdulillah I had make it up consistently for a month now. I prayed 1 extra make up fardh after the fardh prayers. Just a few questions, can I pray Duha/Awwabin/Tahajjud/Witr/ taraweeh. Ive been regularly doing Duha/Awwabin/Witr prayers and making up 5 missed fardh prayers everyday. Ive read that its unlawful to pray Sunnah prayers if you still have make up prayers to be made? Should make up prayers be made at the appropriate time or can I just for example make up my Fajr prayers in the afternoon/ zuhr prayers at night? What is the right thing to do? And when Ramadan comes, can I pray Taraweeh at the mosque or should I separate from the congregation when they are starting taraweeh, and pray my make up prayers at the side of the mosque so as not to disturb the congregation? Many thanks.

wa ʿalaikum al-salām wa raḥmatullāhi wa barakātuh


Make up prayers may be done at any time during the day and night, even during the five forbidden times. Also, making them up in order is not obligatory, rather it is recommended. So, you do not have to make up the five prayers for each day in order. For the remainder of your questions, please see the Q&A below:

May Allah give you tawfīq.

Answerd by: Shaykh Omar Mohsin