Assalamu aalaykum, please can you clarify the position of the shafii madhhab regarding the use of contraception. Jazak Allah khayre, wassalam

Walaykumusalaam warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

Regarding contraception,  the great shafi jurist, ibn Hajar says:

"It is not permissible to use that which permanently prevents pregnancy."¹

Commenting on the above statement, sheikh Shabramillisi says:

"As for that which temporarily delays pregnancy for a period of time,  and does not permanently prevent it,  it is permissible to use. Furthermore,  if it [temporary contraception] is done with an excuse,  such as nurturing a child,  then it is not offensive, otherwise it would be offensive."²

In summary:
Permanent contraceptive methods that effectively make a person sterile are forbidden. Temporary methods,  on the other hand, are permitted. In addition, if temporary contraception is done with an excuse such as wanting to take time to nurture a child, then it is not offensive, otherwise, if done without an excuse, it would be offensive (makruh).

[1]Tuhfat-al-Muhtaj v8 p241
[2]Nihayat-al-Muhtaj v7 p136

Answered by: Shaykh Omar Mohsin