As Salaamo 'Alaykom, Is there any Islamic Empire who followed the Madhab Shafii? Can you tell me the names of Mulooks or Empires who controlled the Masjid Haraam and Masjid Nabawi , and their Madhab and Aqeedah if available? Or do you know any kitab in english or even arabic where I can read all these?

Wa alaikum Assalam,

Upon examining historical documentation of the Islamic dynasties we notice two systems that were used when it came to the legal system; enforcing & following. One can refer to books such as, Al-Bidāya wa-n-nihāya by Ibn Kathir. The Shafi’i school has never been enforced, but rather was embraced by the people.

In Egypt, the school was the primary fiqh known to people; starting from the death of Shafi’i up until the invasion of the Fatimid dynasty. Thereafter, Shia Fiqh was enforced. Later around 1171 the Ayyub dynasty emerged, to bring back Shafi’i Fiqh which remained until the Ottoman Empire around 1517.

In the Levant (Syria, Jordon, Palestine & Lebanon), since the 900s, the Shafi’i school has been the prominent school. However, they have always shared this region with the Hanafi school.

In Iraq, the Shafi’i school hasn’t been that accepted by people. Since it is the capital of the Hanafi school.

In Kurdistan (Northern Iraq, Southern Turkey, Northern Syria & Western Iran), it has mainly always been Shafi’i and has produced many great scholars. Note that Armenia is included when scholars mention Kurds.

This is but a short example, one can also find more in books such as, Tabaqat Ashafa’yyah by As-Subki, Al A’laam by Az-Zarkali, or Tarikh Al Mathahib Al Fiqhyyah by Abu Zahra.

 Answered by: Shaykh Muhib al- Din Abu Malik