About Us

 Our origins are actually that of a bookstore named مكتبة دار الحديث, which translates into English as the “Dar al-Hadith Bookstore.” Our bookstore developed gradually and became known as The Imam Shafi'i Bookstore. The first steps taken in establishing our original bookstore took place in the Middle East.

We sell both English and Arabic Islamic books, and additionally run a book finder service where we take requests from those who wish to aquire Arabic Islamic books. The book finder service is great for those who want to purchase a book that is not so readily available or hard to come by.

Reading a book that enriches our lives is such a wonderful and ever so positive way to occupy time, especially in this techno age, where we are grossly inundated with distractions. And as a means of academic progression for students and scholars alike, books are much needed and a truly indispensable resource.

We very much hope to be a means of keeping alive the written and printed legacy of Islam, and providing a source of solace for many a bibliophile.