Abu Yaqub al-Sakkaki (555/1160 - 626/1229)

Posted on: 23 April 2019

Abu Yaqub Yusuf b. Abi Bakr b. Muhammad al-Sakkaki hailed from the city of Khawarizm and was a master in most all subjects related to the Arabic language. He was as well a jurist and in fact considered as a polymath having mastered a vast array of disciplines.[1] Suyuti related that Abu Hayyan would refer to him as “Ibn al-Sakkaki.” Furthermore, Suyuti, after acknowledging Sakkaki’s knowledge in many subjects, said that he specialized in linguistics and was a master in rhetoric. He authored his masterpiece, Miftah al-Ulum, in which he fully elucidated twelve different subjects related to the Arabic language. Suyuti also mentioned that he saw a brief biography for him penned in the handwriting of Shaykh al-Islam Siraj al-Din al-Bulqini which ended by saying, “Whoever sees his book knows the depth of his knowledge, his magnanimity, and his virtue.”[2]

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[2] Bughyat al-Wu’ah vol. 2, pg. 364.