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As salamu alaykum,

This website receives a large volume of questions. Over the years, we have strived to provide answers to as many questions as we can. This service has been running now for the past six or seven years. A lot of resources have went into it from the individuals running the administration. This particular service is a communal obligation (ar: fard kifayah). We have high ambitions to answer every question we receive, while we have very limited recourses to provide this service on a regular basis. The financial support we receive is inadequate and does not come close to covering the overhead of this service running in a way we envisage. The scholars we have available to answer, they are not in positions where they can dedicate the time it takes to provide answers steadily. They will continue to do what they can when they can, while significant delays or unanswered questions are really mostly attributable to a lack of resources and funding.

In Rawdah 11/111, Imam Nawawi cited from Khatib and Saymari that for the people of a place to collect from the wealth they have in order to fund the task of issuing fatwas is permissible. Traditionally, it would be an obligation covered by the bayt al-mal. In a time when there is no bayt al-mal, the options become more limited. The opinion Imam Nawawi brings from the two aforementioned scholars, Khatib and Saymari, is probably the most workable solution in our time and condition.

If you would like to help us improve this service, please consider donating. Donating will not guarantee your question gets answered; the service is free and money does not influence which questions we answer or how we answer them. Rather your donation will help our services to run in a consistent and professional manner insha'Allah.

PayPal donations may be sent to: fatwa@shafiifiqh.com.

Note: We are a non-for-profit religious/educational organization officially located in the United States with scholars working with us worldwide. We are planning to apply for 503(c) status as soon as we have the means to see to the application insha'Allah.



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